Dating dundee marmalade jars

This account is most likely apocryphal, as recipes for marmalade have been found dating back to the 1500s, with the keillers likely to have developed their marmalade by modifying an existing recipe for quince marmalade nevertheless marmalade became a famed dundee export after alex keiller, james' son, industrialised the production. Why marmalade is the preserve of the discerning palate in the late 1700s a spanish ship loaded with oranges docked in dundee taking shelter from a storm while it was in harbour, a bargain. James keiller & son - dundee richard husband the company is probably best known for its marmalade which dates from 1797 the story goes that a ship travelling from spain carrying bitter seville oranges entered dundee harbour seeking shelter from the stormy north sea and that john keiller, a retired merchant, bought.

Vintage james keiller & sons dundee orange marmalade stoneware, 16 oz jars with twist on metal lid in excellent condition no chips or cracks, cream/beige jars. Sales of marmalade are in decline in a bitter blow to breakfast traditionalists the proportion of families who dollop the orange spread on their morning toast is down from 36per cent 40 years ago. Vintage marmalade pot james keller & sons dundee st martins varsity bitter marmalade pot, makers of the finest marmalade, see photo, lovely old lovely vintage preserve pot by sterling in an excellent used condition with no chips or cracks. Dens road 1920s this part of dens road is still recognisable only its lost all the buildings in the center its now a bus stop feeling lost, victoria street is on the right, cott.

Roughcut lemon marmalade jars complete with lids in good condition for age. Glass jam jars are uncommon at so early a date the vast majority of jam and marmalade jars in the late 1890s were ceramic, and ceramic jars continued to be common for assorted mineral water bottles etc from a layer dating to the 1850s such bottles were meant to be returned, re-filled and re-used until broken jars for. For centuries scotland has been the home of marmalade, with the preserve as we know it, first produced in dundee, by the keiller family in 1797 now the nation’s modern day cooks are being challenged to prove their own homemade preserves are as good as their ancestors and enter a jar into the marmalade awards. Condition is good (slight sliver on the top of the lip on the virol and a slight chip off the underside of the base on the cream pot - see photos.

Right under marmalade you can see an s and a q in the wreath my jar dates to the 1910-20s era, but would love to have an exact date for it. This recipe was adapted from one dating back to 1842, dundee-style marmalade sterilized 12-oz canning jars set lids on top and seal set. Culture food & drink / hail marmalade, great chieftain o' the jammy race: mrs keiller of dundee added chunks in the 1790s, thus.

Room to inspire: dundee marmalade pot love ~ original vintage marmalade jars, in used rustic condition, these have a lovely aged patina, each one is different marmalade jar, lovely old enamel/tin jug, hycaninth. The weak winter sunlight falls in watery beams through the window on to the hundreds of jars of different marmalade set out on a white tablecloth. Printed chromo-litho with gold ink keiller started making marmalade in dundee in 1797.

Canadian historic sites: occasional papers in archaeology and history no 26 grubstake to grocery store: supplying the klondike, 1897-1907 by margaret archibald. Two marmalade jars, dating back to 1862, were also found on the site according to the story, in 1700, dundee scotland grocer james keiller bought bushels full of seville oranges from a large cargo ship seeking refuge during a winter storm. Marmalade has since become the preserve of larger businesses, but jars of keiller's marmalade are still widely available journalism refers to the publishing firm dc thomson & co, which was founded in the city in 1905 and remains the largest employer after the health and leisure industries.

Dating glasgow 12°c top tasty marmalade recipes with sarah randell store the jars of golden marmalade in a dry, cool place, where it will keep for at least a year. Using a measuring jug and a funnel, transfer your marmalade into hot sterilised jars seal and leave the marmalade to cool completely give the jars a second wipe over with a hot cloth and dry. A thorpe hamlet grandmother has making marmalade down to a fine art after cooking up more than 5,000 jars to raise £10,000 to help people all around the world. Dundee marmalade if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Dating dundee marmalade jars
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